Vídeo entrevista sucesso

Five tips for a successful video interview

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Let’s go?

1. Behave as if you were face to face with the Hiring Manager: After all, the only difference here is that he/she will be evaluating you on the computer. Keep this in mind, you will automatically change your posture, be objective with your words;

2. Choose a quiet environment: Without distractions, we can better organize our thinking and the development of your response will flow;

3. Listen to or read the question carefully: Before answering, think carefully about which words to use, write down topics that you find interesting to mention in order not to get out of focus of the question;

4. Pay attention to the details: Even if you think the official T-shirt of your favourite team is beautiful, it probably won’t be with it that you will get the vacancy of your dreams. You don’t have to wear a suit and tie either, but a good presentation is essential;

And finally,

5. Relax! YES. This tip is very important. Do not be embarrassed by the presence of the camera, after all, it is the opportunity to make good impressions and only the recruiter and other decision makers will have access to your material.

Follow all these tips and rock in your interview.

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