How to include diversity in your selection process

Diversity of employees within a company is today, more than ever, something very positive, and that reflects, in a way, its values and its commitment to the inclusion of people of different origins and characteristics, such as male, female, black, white, LGBTQIA +, PcD etc.

However, many organizations do not know how to include diversity in their selection processes and, as a result, fail to not only improve their image with their stakeholders, but also to take advantage of the potential of qualified professionals. But in today’s article, we share some tips that may help you in this regard. Check it out!

Pay attention to the way you prepare your job ads

The way a company writes its ads says a lot about who it is and what kind of professional it is looking for, whether it is, for example, a male or a female, or even anyone, as long as it is qualified and competent to perform the offered position / function.

In order not to limit the number of interested candidates and, consequently, the chance of having a selection process based on the diversity of opportunities, write a generic advertisement regarding the technical profile you want to occupy the position. In other words, do not include age, sex or marital status, as this can limit the scope of the ad and cause it to only attract the attention of a specific audience. Who loses with this is the brand, which fails to meet incredible professionals capable of making a difference.

For a long time, certain areas have always privileged men, such as engineering, for example, something that we can still observe today. Thus, in a situation like this, make it possible for everyone to participate in the selection process due to the specific qualification they have, and not by sex.

Establish a diversity preservation policy in your company

The selection process is often conducted according to the brand’s values, which means that if it does not value diversity in its environment, then possibly its attitudes will reflect this.

Therefore, as a tip, establish a diversity preservation policy for your company, so that this policy leads the selection processes, expanding them so everyone can participate, regardless of skin colour, gender, ethnic, social and economic condition, age, number of children, among other rules that are limiting and act against diversity in the organizational environment.

Keep an eye on your contributors

Monitoring the selection processes of your company is essential so that it does not privilege in its staff only a specific type of public, such as women or men, for example.

The ideal, in order to preserve and guarantee diversity in its staff, is to establish minimum quotas for participation in selection processes. For example: 15% men, 20% women, 15% black and so on. This is fundamental, because it allows the recruiter to assess not only the candidate’s competence and qualification, but also other factors of great value for the brand, such as the issue of diversity.

Adopt blind interview

Created in Europe, the blind candidate selection model has been developing worldwide.

It consists of hiding (from the candidate’s curriculum) information such as age, university, among other data that may compromise or influence the selection process. The idea is to select for the skills and competences and thus guarantee diversity within the company.

Some companies already adopt this selection model. It is worth adding that the blind interview not only promotes diversity in the organization, but also collaborates with the brand to gain the respect of society and, mainly, of the people involved in the process. In a way, it can also reach and/or allow more people to participate in the process, considering it is an innovative method.

However, it is important to note that the company must be properly prepared to deal with this selection model. In other words, it is essential that the company’s policies and actions are aligned with the method, so everything happens smoothly and successfully.

Based on this content, we see it is possible to value diversity in the selection process and, thus, collaborate for a fairer world, where everyone can have the opportunity to be part of a company, while achieving its corporate objectives at greater pace.

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