Advantages to hire a HR Tech for your company

Come here: Do you know what an HR Tech is, and what advantages can this solution offer to your company’s human resources sector? At first, what we can say is that the number of HR Techs has grown dramatically in recent years. According to an article published by HR Digital Today (a news website about HR Technology and startups in Asia Pacific), there are close to 100 HR Techs in Australia that operate in a wide range of human resources areas.

In short, to better understand what this solution is and to know some of the advantages it can offer to your business, specifically to HR, read on!

After all, what is an HR Tech?

Objectively and clearly, HR Tech is a startup that develops technological solutions aimed at the human resources department of a company, which can be small, medium or large. The objective, when developing such technological solutions, is to automate HR processes or operations, as well as to digitize tasks.

3 advantages of hiring an HR Tech for your company

Ok, but what are the advantages of hiring an HR Tech for your company? There are countless. Next, we point out three. Check it out!

When hiring an HR Tech for your company, the first advantage you can enjoy is efficiency, for a very objective reason: HR Tech offers the technology that your HR needs to become more efficient, save time and increase your productivity.

For example, instead of calling and interviewing individually dozens of candidates in a time consuming process, today, it is possible to reach out to and interview multiple candidates in parallel using technology, as is the case with Jobecam. Solution that allows HR to expand your opportunities to find the ideal candidate.

Cost reduction
An HR Tech can also help to reduce costs in the HR sector. Take, for example, the same previous case, of recruiting candidates.

Instead of having to review thousands of resumes, call or email numerous candidates, and schedule hundreds of interviews, thus having to make internal professionals available to participate in the procedure, it is possible to tap on technologies with video to conduct the interview (or let the candidate to self-record it). With that, it reduces costs and, at the same time, allows the company to calmly select the best candidate.

In addition, it makes the execution of operations more assertive, in order to avoid rework, which otherwise would result in wasted costs.

Competitive differentiation for the company
A company that has an HR Tech can increase its brand’s competitive advantage in the market and, thus, achieve its goals at greater pace. Not only for the reasons presented previously, and also because of improvement in candidate/employee experience, reduction in time to value of the new hire and ability to free up company resources (time and money) to be invested in other areas.

And by talking about video recruitment technology, do you already know Jobecam? It is a platform that connects candidates and companies looking to select qualified professionals. Our solution makes it possible for HRs to select candidates blindly, a recruitment method that has been strengthened in Australia. This method believes that resumes limit candidates and that they have a lot to offer the brand that aims to strengthen diversity in its workforce.

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